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◆ Your name/age?

Kathryn aka Kaz aka Captain Kaz aka Kazzie/17. Im old now...but im still very much a kid too 8D heck, you can be mature and young at the same time 8)

◆ When did you start drawing?

According to mum, she gave me some paper and pencils when I was 2, and I began drawing from then on! Nonstop for 15 years (weird how Im not even that good at drawing then, im still learning and practising. Ive just always loved it. its my life!) I even still have the drawing I did when i was 2 :3 lol. its of a circle face with two round eyes and a squiggly line mouth. i hope it isnt a portrait of someone..because something would be wrong with them...hehe

◆ Which hand do you use for drawing?

Right! Id love to be ambidextrous though 8)

◆ Which is easier to draw - male or female?

Both are equally difficult, or equally easy, in their own ways, I think. Sometimes drawing a man can be easier becuase thats what i love most, but sometimes Ill enjoy drawing a woman more the next time. I think the hardest thing on a man can be getting the body/structure/form right, the muscles, and on a woman the body/form/structure can be hard too,getting the curves to look right and not solid or weird. and varying the eyes from each character can be hard - not making every character look the same is quite an achievement!

◆ Which is easier to draw - long hair or short hair?

Well, I enjoy drawing textured hair, such as wavy or curly, or at least non-straight, so I find drawing short, medium, or long hair equally hard/easy. But sometimes drawing shorter can be harder because it needs to look good but with less, and with longer hair it needs to be interesting but no overwhelming 8)

◆ Is it easier to draw the side view of the face or the front view?

Well, I usually draw my characters with the front view, because thats what I taught myself to draw, and i can do that the best. but im practising drawing different angles and shapes now because just front view or side view, can be boring, even though its the easiest. drawing various angles and tilts can be exciting and excentuate more movement. side view can be quite hard because it can look unatural or wonky if done wrong for the characters features.

◆ What do you have problems in drawing?

Alot of things lol. Because I grew up teaching myself primarily to and prefering to draw people, faces, and eyes, whether fantasy or realistic. thats my strong point. but uim not even perfect there. Its hard to make every character i draw look different from the previous one too, because obviously I stick to what I like to draw best in a character. so that can be a problem. Im trying to be more varied now though and am teaching myself anatomy and angles, life drawing, different shapes and various hairstyles and eyes, noses and mouths. but its hard! and Im not very good, nay, Im rubbish at drawing animals, backgrounds, objects, and anything that isnt humanoid basically! Im practising drawing more of those now too ;)

basically ive been growing up drawing because i love to, and becauase thats what i enjoy most, but now im having to refocus not just drawing for fun but drawing to improve and learn more, change my technique and style for the better etc.

◆ What do you like to draw?

Characters, People, eyes, hair, bodies, attempting to get movment in the character, fantasy/science fiction scenarios and characters, handsome men, interesting women, steampunk clothing, expressions.

◆ Are you a traditional artist or a digital artist?

I've only just got photoshop properly so Im learning/teaching myself how to use that for drawing, and editing photots at the moment. Im not very good at it ;) however, Ive always been and still am a traditional artist, usingpens such as biros and markers, ink and technical, as well as pencils. Im trying more marker colours, and pencil colours.

◆ Where do you start drawing from?

I used to start straight out into a character, but nowadays and since about a couple of years ago I block out the position, shapes and form of the character, with lines and shapes, then I draw over that and rub out the lines (although i sometimes leave them) and then draw everything onto that.

◆ What is your drawing habit that you are aware of?

I always love drawing and enjoy it immensely, as well as making up scenarious and characters, but Im Proabably like most artists, I strive for perfection, get occasional artblocks, can procrastinate and be lazy, as well as have on days where i draw all the time and be happy with what I do.
Its up and down really! haha.

◆ Any tips for colouring/shading?

Not really, not that would help, because Im not very good myself. Im still learning and practising! I would say study books and other artists and comic artists on how they shade and colour, it really helps, as well as try everything and anything to see if your comfortable with how you do it. I shade with a pencil but Im not good enough to do it often enough. I colour with markers, or with pencils, so I practising more with that too. Life is one big learning curve! basically try and enjoy what you do, if it makes you happy, then whos to tell you whats good and what isnt?

◆ How long does it take to finish a piece of art?

Random doodles, drawings, characters, studies, colourings, scenes, anything can take a few seconds to a few minutes or even a few hours, or days, depends on what it is ;)

◆ What music do you listen to while you draw?

Well, sometimes I like to have some background noise on, I dont know why, it just helps to be inspired. I listen to "Globus" By Epicon, for dramatic, epic and inspirational music to draw from, otherwise nothing really, because I read in a book that its hard to focus and multitask! It may have been Milt Kahl who said you cant focus on more than one thing properly! I think its true.

◆ How long does it take you to come up with an idea?

It doesnt take me anytime to come up with a random idea, I always have some on hold, or can just draw and something happens, or make a character. but for a proper idea, such as a comic or better rounded characters, a few days or months!

◆ Your favourite drawing utensils?

Various sharpened HB/2B pencils, Various marker pens and ink pens, biros, rubbers and technical pens! yay. of course paper helps ;)

◆ Your favourite colour/the colour that you use a lot?

Black, grey, red, steampunk colours (various browns, rusty, red, autumn colours) as well as sot. I dont know really my style is continously changing!

◆ Your favourite style(s)?

Anything. I love all styles of drawing and art. anything excites me really! I love manga and anime, as well as comic and cartoon, anything that looks awesome, welldone, with experience really. stylistic and personal, as well as style and ...I cant explain ;)

◆ What kind of artist are you aiming for?

In the future I hope to be accomplished, be able to draw everything and anything (characters, faces, expressions, bodies, life drawing, observations, objects, backgrounds, buildings, vehicles, animals, scenses etc!) have learned alot, practised enough to be able to draw what I like, and be able to use photoshop, and other digital art programmes, as well as be able to draw for hours on end with loads of ideas or clients! haha. but still enjoy what i do and how I do it.
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17 August 2009 @ 02:22 pm
I thought it would be a cool, fun, interesting idea for us to fill in a sort of interview type survey about ourselves. Its also a good thing to do is one was bored hehe ;) We can just fill it in for ourselves, or find out more about each other, other people, and also find out things about our self witht he questions lol! I finally found a reasonable one, I copied and pasted it from a facebook application, and I had to go through and check it and delete some answers that were already there, but it looks ok to me! Some questions are basic, some are funny, some are weird, some are stupid, others are difficult to answer, some are fine. Just copy and paste it into a new post on LJ and answer the questions. Only answer the ones you want to answer, delete the questions on your post that you dont want to answer ;)

captain kaz out! xx
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this is the jounral specially made for the both of us! Hence the header being a mixture of what we both like! I was going to add a lot more, but it kind of went a bit wrong and I got bored so I left it as it was! LOL! :P

Anyyyywaaayyyyy! :D

Here, we can do anything we like! But it's a joint journal and the password is the same as mine! :P Which I know you know cos you hacked the other day! :D


Sooo Captain Kazzy! :P